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Yingfeng lighting backbone members participate in the development

Issuing time:2020-07-29 17:27

Backbone members of Yingfeng lighting participated in the development

From May 21 to 22, the core members of Yingfeng lighting participated in the 181 excellent course of leadership wisdom of Shuai Wencai teacher, i.e. how to build a top team, which lasted for two days and two nights. In the training course, we constantly transformed and grew up, effectively breaking through the things we didn't dare to try before. We learned to connect closely, support each other, and each other Mutual encouragement and mutual growth, thank you for your hard work! Thanks more to Yingfeng for giving us this opportunity to learn. In just two days, we deeply realized the cohesion of the team and let us know more about the value we can create in the company.

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