LQE-1500 ZL cutting light
LQE-1500 ZL cutting light

Optical system:

Light source model: OSRAM SHARXS HTI 1500W/D7/60

Rated life: 750 hours

Color temperature: 6000K

Focusing: high-precision glass lens, electronic linear high-definition focusing

Zoom: 7°~40° linear high-speed zoom, uniform spot in any range

Cutting system:

A set of full-process graphics cutting system, which can be rotated by 90°, and 4 cutting discs can quickly move and image; it can generate geometric graphics of different sizes and shapes

Pattern system:

1 rotating gobo wheel has 5 optional gobos, variable speed jitter and bidirectional rotation, gobo rotation with 16Bit precision fine adjustment


Color system:

CMY infinite color mixing, with color macro function

1 color plate has 7 color plates, which can realize two-way rainbow effect, half-color and linear adjustment

Electrical parameters:

Input voltage: AC 200V-240V 50/60Hz

Maximum power: 1820W

Signal interface: 3-pin XLR input/output

Software and control:

Control channel: 33/30/48

Transmission protocol: DMX512 RDM

Display mode: LCD liquid crystal display

dynamic effect:

Horizontal/Vertical: Horizontal scanning angle 540°/630°, vertical scanning angle 270°, automatic return correction and 16Bit precision fine-tuning function

Aperture: 5-100% linear adjustment, with multiple macro function effects

Strobe: 1-20Hz fast strobe per second, with pulse strobe, synchronous and asynchronous strobe effect

Dimming: 0-100% mechanical linear dimming

Prism: 1 prism, capable of bidirectional variable speed rotation

Fog: 0-100% linear softening adjustment, can synchronize zoom to generate softening effect

Physical/installation characteristics:

Weight: 44Kg

Protection level: IP20

Other functions:

Automatic energy saving: an intelligent tracking energy saving system that reduces the power of the light source in time.

Power-off setting: Built-in continuous cycle rechargeable battery, you can operate the LCD interface setting function without connecting to the power supply.

Sleep function: When the light is disconnected from the signal, it will automatically enter the sleep state, making the light more stable and safer.

Communication design: DMX wired/wireless transmission, convenient and fast software upgrade through DMX data line.

Heat dissipation design: Adopt wind direction drainage and temperature intelligent monitoring technology, automatically adjust the heat dissipation system, and effectively control the temperature of the lamp.

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