LQE-1400ZL 1400 cutting  light computer

Optical system:

Light source: OSRAM lok-it 1400-PS_Brilliant high CRI lamp

Reflective bowl: Italian optical coating process

Light emitting lens: 140mm

Total luminous flux output: >35000lm

Spot uniformity: >80%

Zoom range: 8°~50°

Color rendering index: Ra>96, R9>94

Color system:

CMY stepless color mixing, CTO color temperature linear adjustment (2700K-6500K), 7 color chips + white light, two-way color rainbow can be realized, color step gradient (linear movement), color wheel bidirectional rotation, random color mode

Pattern system:

1 rotating gobo plate with 5 bidirectional rotating positioning gobos; it can realize the effects of rotation, water flow, and shaking, the gobo wheel can be positioned, 1 dynamic wheel, can cut in and out, can rotate in both directions, and can also choose to customize without movement Wheel, changed to fixed pattern plate (with 9 patterns)

Cutting system: 1 set of omnidirectional graphic cutting system + 90° graphic orientation positioning, precise positioning of the cutting blade

Effect configuration:

A rotating four-sided prism can rotate in both directions

Independent fog soft light effect

Independent dimming device, 0-100% linear dimming

Independent strobe device, strobe speed is 1-13 times per second, pulsation, asynchronous, synchronous, random slow, medium and fast multiple strobe mode options

Fast motorized iris, 5-100% linear adjustment, with macro function and multiple effect changes

Electronic linear atomization, through electric focus adjustment to achieve atomization soft light, constant spot angle linear adjustment of atomization depth

Shaking head parameters:

Level: 540°, accuracy 2.11°/step, fine-tuning accuracy 0.008°

Vertical: 270°, accuracy 1.05°/step, fine adjustment accuracy 0.004°

Horizontal and vertical use non-contact magnetic rotary encoder positioning system

Control and programming

32(standard)/35(16Bit)/42(extended) three channel control modes

Control protocol: standard DMX512 protocol, Art-net Ethernet light control protocol and wireless DMX512 control (optional)

Menu display: 3.5-inch LCD screen, resolution 128×64; Chinese and English languages can be switched at will, fonts can be reversed 180° display; non-contact scroll wheel operation

Electronic control technology:

Self-rechargeable buffer battery, edit the menu under no power state, when the light is turned off or CMY is closed, the power is automatically reduced, energy saving and environmental protection, fan intelligent control, temperature electronic sensor detection, DMX channel level monitoring, LCD screen lamp information query, RDM data two-way transmission, non-contact magnetic rotary encoder positioning, signal feedback, absolute position memory, DMX offline power-off position recovery

Power supply: 200-240V~ 50/60Hz electronic ballast

Input power: 1800W, power factor PF≥0.98

Dimensions and weight:

Product size: 444mm×464mm×777mm

Packing size: 665mm×520mm×805mm

Net weight: 40.4kg

Gross weight: 72.7kg

Packing method: air box (one for one)

Protection level: IP20

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