LQE-AP6000 6 channels×6KW digital silicon box
LQE-AP6000 6 channels×6KW digital silicon box

Technical parameter:

★·This machine has 6-way knob dimming, the dimming range is 1%-100%, and it can also be set to switch shape

  State or dimming state. In the switch state, the switch value is 50% full light.

★·The start address of the digital DMX512 signal of this machine is 001, and the maximum 512 can be set.

★·The signal of this machine can be set to keep or not keep working mode. In the hold state, such as control

  If the DMX signal of the station is interrupted, the last signal control information will be maintained, and the dark field will never be displayed. (Factory default

  Think keep).

★·This machine has 24 scenes that can be recorded, backed up and run.

★·The dimming curve of each channel of this machine can be set to linear or switch state. Switch value in switch state

  It is 50%. When the brightness value input in the switch state is greater than or equal to 50%, the corresponding circuit

  Full output, otherwise there is no output.

★·The machine is equipped with a preheat setting function, and the preheat value can be set to 1%-9%.

★·This machine has intelligent control function of cooling fan. When the brightness value of any loop is not zero,

  The fan starts to run. When the brightness value of all circuits is zero, the fan runs for 3 minutes with a delay

  Stop running after an hour.

Input voltage: AC380V±10% three-phase five-wire, 50HZ±5﹪

Output power: 6 channels × 6KW (40A) Signal interface: international standard DMX512

Digital dimming range: 0-100%

Knob dimming range: 0-100%

Dimming curve: 2 (linear/switch)

Switch value: 50﹪ Warm-up value: 1﹪-9﹪

Product function: Overload and short circuit double protection high breaking air switch, three-phase independent voltage detection, three-phase A.B.C indicator light, three-position universal backup socket

Product size (mm): L515×W483×H133

Product net weight: 19kg

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