LQE-DMX96 Network Control Cabinet
LQE-DMX96 Network Control Cabinet

Performance parameters:

Ø Input power: 380V three-phase five-wire

Ø Dimming range: 0.4~100%

Ø Dimming accuracy: Class 4000

Ø Q field: 99

Ø Output power: depends on the output module

Ø Transmission interface: optical fiber, network, DMX

Function Description:

Ø Humanized large-screen LCD display in Chinese and English

Ø Built-in on-site lighting console function

Ø Optional sine wave dimming module/relay module/phase control module

Ø Optional dimming curve includes 10 curing in the machine and user-defined curve

Ø The loop switch level value can be set (valid when the dimming curve is C0), the range is 1~99%

Ø The maximum output level of the loop can be set, and the maximum output is limited to the set value

Ø Built-in embedded Ethernet controller

Ø Support IEEE 802.3-10BT

Ø The same network line transmits control signals and feedback signals

Ø Multiple monitoring devices can simultaneously manage and control the dimming cabinets in the network at any place in the network

Ø Dynamic preheating (anti-burning bulb)

Ø Automatic voltage compensation

Ø Three-phase balance detection

Ø The vertical cabinet is equipped with two high-precision digital trigger modules, each of which can work independently, and the two are hot backup for each other and realize uninterrupted switching

Ø Digital control, good dimming consistency, no need to adjust various parameters during use

Ø Network DMX supports HDL-NET, ArtNet, ACN protocols

Ø DMX signal input adopts optocoupler isolation, high safety

Ø The heat dissipation of the vertical cabinet adopts parallel multi-fan intelligent speed control control

Ø 96/72/48 channels of output, each channel has a maximum output of 6kW (depending on the power module)

Ø Dual DMX signal reception

Ø Dual network DMX signal reception

Ø HTP, priority signal processing

Ø With leakage protection function

Ø Automatically power off before unplugging the module

Ø Current rise time ≥400us

Product size: 520mm×600mm×2072mm (length x width x height)

Gross weight: 270kg

Net weight: 220kg

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