LQE-IP808 80 four-in-one led outdoor flood light


Power supply/signal:

Input voltage: AC100~240V

Frequency rate: 50/60 Hz

Rated power: 400W

Power cord: the lamp comes with a 1.5 square three-core waterproof butt plug, one in and one out, the length of the wire is 3 meters.

Signal line: the lamp comes with a 0.75 square three-core waterproof butt plug, one in and one out, the line length is 3 meters.

Product function:

LED light source:80pcs 8w four-in-one RGBW LED

Lamp life:50000hours

Illuminance: 9m distance, spot diameter < 4m, central brightness ≧ 950LUX

Channel mode: 1 channel mode(10 international standard DMX512 channels)

Control mode: international standard DMX512 signal, voice control, self - walking, master - slave, RDM

High speed stroboscopic: independent electronic stroboscopic, 1-25Hz

Linear dimming: 0-100% linear dimming

Beam angle:25°(optional 8°、40°)

Product Features:

1.Scientific lamp bead combination, with advanced optical lens, the mixed color effect outstanding.

2.Ac100-240v wide range of voltage input, no trouble due to voltage instability.

3.Simple, clear display interface, easy to understand, simple and practical.

4.High sensitivity sound control can capture 10 sound signals per second.

5.Class 0255 linear dimming, more delicate color, gorgeous.

6.Automatic identification of master/slave and DMX control.

Physical parameters:

Product appearance: die-cast aluminum case

Protection grade:IP65

Working environment:0-40℃

Product size(mm):L538*W170*364(L*W*H)


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